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Everyone’s face is special and unique. To ensure a perfect fit, it is important to first determine the best frame size for your face. Before browsing our frames collection, look on the inside of your current pair of glasses or sunglasses, you’ll see inside the temple a number that looks like: 51 17 142. This information shows you the size of your glasses; the lens diameter, the bridge width and the side length, all measured in millimeters. If your current glasses fit well, it’s recommended that you choose glasses that have similar measurements. In the case of SAVANNA Eyewear eyeglasses, these dimensions are printed on the demo-lenses and the inner temple. The first number, the eye size, represents the horizontal width of the lenses through which your eyes see. The next size to consider is the bridge, the distance between your two lenses. Lastly, you need to know the temple size, the measurement from the screw to the temple tip, including the bend that sits on your ear.

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The Eye Size

Eye size is the horizontal width of each lens at its widest point. SAVANNA Eyewear lenses typically range from 40mm to 60mm. Children’s sizes could be slightly smaller.

The Bridge

The bridge is the distance between the lenses. In other words, it's the size of the "bridge" of the frame that rests on your nose. In most cases, the bridge size of our eyeglass frames and sunglasses range from 14 mm to 24 mm.

The Temple

The temple is the "stem" or "arm" of the frame, measured from the frame hinge to the back tip of the temple. In this case, the temple length is 140 mm. Temple lengths generally range from 120 mm to 150 mm.

Eyewear Fit Categories

SAVANNA Eyewear classifies optical frame and sunglass sizes in three categories: small, medium, and large. Frame and sunglass categories slightly differ due to their different functions. Each pair is measured across the widest part of a lens, which is called the lens diameter. If the widest part of the lens is from top to bottom, then that would be the lens diameter.

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Sunglasses or eyeglasses are not just a style statement – they can attract or repel, be a mirror or a shield. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then perfectly suited sunglasses are aptly called shades. That’s precisely why you need to understand your shape and find the perfect fit with the goal of accentuating your best facial features. Finding the best sunglasses for your face doesn't have to be a daunting, mysterious process. It's actually really simple, so why does it seem so confusing? Choosing sunglasses is all about size and proportion, but most advice focuses on face shape. The most recognized face shapes are as follows:

Face Shape

Heart Diamond

Your face is widest at the cheekbones and narrowly tapers to your chin. Square frames will complement a narrower chin, adding different angles. Square, wayfarer, and club master styles will work well for you. Avoid anything oversized or teardrop shaped.

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Your face is so symmetrical that almost every shape flatters it. Similar to those who are square faced, you want to go with softer lines and rounded corners. Wayfarer styles, rectangular, and square frames work well. Avoid small or narrow frames.

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Your face is longer than it is wide, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your jaw is soft without any sharp angles or points. It’s hard to go wrong with an oval face, most sunglasses – round, aviator and square – will look great on you.

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You have full cheeks and a softly rounded forehead and chin. Stay away from circles, unless you want to over-accentuate the round shape of your face. Aim high with aviators or stick to square, angular frames.

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You face is strong and broad, you have a more angular jawline, and your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw will all span the same width. Aviator, square, and round frames will match you in width, but with soft lines. Too many hard angles won't do you any favors.

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